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Some of major features of N9.

One of the design goals for N9 was to make the cultivation  process as simple and intuitive as possible and to stay focussed on the core essentials of cultivation.  Get a demo and you be the judge!


What is the general process flow of N9?

From a Strain you create crops into an Immature or Vegetative Phase.  You can add and track mothers too.  From here you move crops or individual plants over into Flowering and then finally into Harvest/Cruing Phase when Pistil color meets standard or, when the system alerts you to do so.

Once in Harvest, product is cleaned, trimmed (waste) and moved into Dry/Curing Phase where lab testing is undertaken and final dry weight determined.

After Dry/Cure product is moved directly into the Available phase and from here product is packaged, or moved on for extraction processing.  Packaged products can be transfered to Stock/Vault, to your dispensary or shipped to your consumer.

What is controlled in the Grow house?

The Grow house section of N9 by default allows you to manage Strains, Seeds, Crops, Rooms, Additives and Additive Schedules.   Our add-ons enable you to extend the Grow house to include Medium, Containers, Reservoirs, Additives, Lighting and more.

Do I need to buy Scanners?

It not imperative to have scanners to use N9.  Our soon-to-be-released “Mobile” add-on will enable the camera on your phone to scan plant tags and update plant information real time.  You can scale up from here into industrial scanners when your volumes need faster scanning operations.

Can remote Labs access the system?

Yes, if you do external lab tests your service provider can easily log into the system and add lab test results.

Is Waste tracked well?

N9 takes tracking everything seriously and waste is no different.   All waste follows a strict disposal process that is signed by two (2) users.   Waste that has been destroyed is kept in your database and is available for viewing any time.   Throughout the process, N9 creates a number of different types along the way, even moisture loss.

How are Additives handled?

Create standard additive schedules and apply these schedules at any point in the grow.   Apply once off additives if needed.   Everything is logged.

Does N9 control environmental activities like lighting?

N9 was not built to be another environmental monitoring platform.   We believe this area requires you to work with a vendor that specializes in installing and supporting this type of hardware and wireless controllers.

GROWLINK, a company based in Colorado, works with Canadian Growers to tailor great environmental systems that store real-time environmental metrics in the cloud.    The N9 development roadmap includes plans to integrate with this platform and surface statistics into the main N9 cultivation system.

Sales & Delivery

Order Processing

You have complete management of orders and fulfilment.  You can even create manual orders in the admin area, receive payments, generate invoice PDF’s and export into a number of accounting formats.

Can remote Wholesalers and clinics Place orders online?

Yes, N9 uses a modern Role-based model so any external parties can log in and place orders.


You can assign discounts to any specific customer.   This is handy for those valuable repeat customers we all want to protect.

Returns & Recalls

You can formally trace a return or recall in N9.

Shipping and Transfer

N9 supports all major shipping companies so shipment tracking is integrated.   We also support Warehouses so you can ship product to any number on company owned locations.   Support is also available for pick-up locations.

Does N9 support Drop Shipping?

Yes, drop shipping to a customer is available.

Selling & Payment

You can sell direct from N9 and take patient payment online. N9 also supports purchase order tracking.   The N9 eCommerce add-in will confirm stock receipts back into N9 Cultivation for a complete custody chain record.

Patient Management


Our Registration process supports both Recreational and Medical clients.   Medical data of course is stored encrypted and not in your primary database.   The information is completely isolated with changes logged extensively.


Detailed history of client purchases kept for each patient.  Monthly limits for medical and recreational use by province.  Newsletter support.  Promotions.  Discounts, pre-ordering and more.  Loyalty program too!

Are you using Blockchain yet?

We are ‘testing’ the waters with blockchain storage but speed and cost remains a hurdle with both Blockchain and Ethereum.  We are evaluating a third approach which shows promise in transaction speed and low-cost.


Is ACMR reporting supported?

Of course.  There are 4 standard ACMR reports available by default.   As the rules get more refined over the coming months we will add new reports as required and change the default set of reports as needed.

What type of Activity is logged?

N9 generates a lot of logging and this was a fundamental requirement when we started.   Every event is logged making it possible to trace back a package to the original plant and crop.  It doesn’t get much better than this.

Is N9 compatible with METRC?

N9 is currently NOT integrated with METRC however, METRC does offer access to their data to third party vendors and we are considering seeking permission to extend N9 to support data recording directly into METRC.

Can N9 be used in USA?

In non-METRC states absolutely.   Feedback from users tells us N9 has more features and can better manage grows then METRC can, so using both – N9 to cultivate with Data Capture into METRC –  is being considered.

International Ready

Can N9 Support multiple languages?

Yes, using ‘Language Packs’ N9 can support any number of languages.   Some Language packs are Free, while some you will have to pay for.

Can N9 Support multiple currencies?

Yes, out of the box N9 supports over 100 different currencies.   Rates can be ‘fetched’ real time.   All currencies work off a ‘base’ currency (eg. Canadian Dollar)

Can bitcoin be used by patients to purchase?

Yes, apart from accepting Bitcoin, support is available for all major credit cards, money orders and cheques.   In addition, there are some plugins available that will accept payment from many lesser know credit cards (primarily in Europe)

Does the eCommerce support VAT?

Yes, VAT is supported.

Lab Testing

How does lab testing work?

Product can not be packaged until the lot has been lab tested.   A lab test is requested and the entire lot is put “On Hold” until a test is requested and test results processed.   When a test “passes” the lot is taken off hold and can be released for packaging.

Can external Laboratories access N9?

Yes.   N9 supports internal labs and has ability for your external lab to access the lab test requests and update test results.

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