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Need advice from a Cannabis expert?

Nimbus9 helps Cannabis companies improve inventory management, reduce processing errors, and increase profitability. We provide operations, distribution, accounting and customer relationship software that works the way your business does.   Get in touch today and discover how we can help your business profit and grow.

Dave is our Master Grower and Process Analyst expert with over 33 years of horticultural experience, including 8 years of hands-on cannabis horticultural training in The Netherlands.   Dave provides many new grow operations with practical, valuable advice on best practices, setup, environment control and cost saving tips to help improve daily operation and profitability.

Dave currently holds a Marijuana Support KEY Badge issued by the Colorado Marijuana Enforcement Division, a Colorado Pesticide Applicators License issued by the Colorado Department of Agriculture, an Oregon Marijuana Handler’s Permit, METRC Certified and also holds a 2015 medical  ANA recognized degree in “Cannabis (Marijuana) for Medical Use”.

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In addition to helping train you and your staff on the operation and use of the N9 cultivation system, some of the other areas we provide advice and guidance on include:

  • Grow Operation employee interviewing and vetting
  • Pre-equipment purchasing
  • Designing integrated pest management systems
  • Interior Environmental consults
  • Media choice
  • Soil Mixing
  • Beneficial insect consultation
  • Mastering Internal grow logistics.
  • Reducing man-hours through better processes.
  • Standard Operating Procedures (Cloning, Transplanting, Fertilizing, Growing, Pesticide)
  • Cannabis waste disposal
  • Strain Selection consults.
  • Water/ R.O. Filtering
  • CO2 augmentation
  • Pricing strategies
  • Tax Efficiencies

Contact us for a free consultation about your operation!

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